Introducing the Uniherz Jelly: World’s Smallest 4G Smartphone

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Smartphones are only getting bigger by the year with the average phone now being well over 5 inches and some screens pushing 6” or more, it is something that we have come accustom to, and well kind of expected from the industry. Your waiting for your favorite mega brands newest release and expecting it to get bigger every year, right? We are now in a time where we look at a mere 5-inch screen as on the smallish side and maybe even a bit too small.

Well there is a new player in the market that just launched its Kickstarter campaign on May 2nd, it’s called the Jelly. So maybe we set you up to think this is like a 7-inch screen or something… not quite. The Jelly screen comes in at 2.45”. It weights a mere 2.1 oz This is a tiny device and touted to be the world’s smallest 4G smartphone. It doesn’t go on just novelty looks though, amazingly, it comes with Android 7.0 right out of the box. It also has a Quad-Core 1.1 Ghz processor with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM (depending on if you have the Pro version). It has an 8MP main camera on the rear (not bad for it’s size). And a 2MP selfie cam. It has a removable 950 mAh battery with a microSD card slot for expanded memory, as well as 2 sim card slots, (ok, impressed yet). How about the price tag of $60 bucks? Maybe that grabbed your attention a bit more.

The Kickstarter campaign page shows how conveniently this phone is meant to slide in even the smallest of jean pockets, and even has its own running arm band accessory. This phone wouldn’t necessarily have to be a “primary” device and I think Unihertz (the company that makes it) is ok by that label. It could be a secondary device that maybe you use only for calls. You could use it for trips to the beach or park without having the bulkiness of your phablet weighing your pants down. The phone comes in three assorted colors, Space Black, Pearl White, and Sky Blue.

Unihertz certainly isn’t new on the scene if that’s what you were understandably thinking. They are based in Shanghai, China and have been around for 10 years. They even previously released another small android device with less impressive specs called the Micro X. On their Kickstarter campaign they detail the major upgrade differences between the two models and also indicate how popular the original Micro X was.

Currently the “reward” early bird type deals are no longer available. It appears that the phone originally went for about $69 and $89 (pro) for early backers. It has now gone up to $79 and $95 respectively. I believe that the price point of this phone will be crucial in its success and the fact that Unihertz is keeping it low and affordable should certainly help push some people over the edge that are not quite sure. A lower price could allow people to purchase the device as their secondary phone, if they don’t want something so small for their primary device. It will also attract those individuals who simply like small phones and don’t care about all the fancy “infinity screens”, 20MP cameras and Snapdragon 835 processors out there.

Design of this product began back in April of 2016, with the first prototype being produced in February of this year. Jelly reached its funding goal in only 57 minutes on Kickstarter and so far, has raked in nearly $400,000. While there have been some test models already sent out and reviewed, official delivery all over the world is set to begin in July of this year. It will be interesting to see how well the product is received once it starts its major rollout.

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