Nextbit Has a Future-Where It’s Going is Anybody’s Guess

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At the beginning of 2017 the gaming hardware company Razer acquired the Nextbit smartphone brand. Nextbit released one and only one smartphone it’s fairly short tenure as a start-up that made awesome work of its Kickstarter campaign, and was able to accomplish what they sat out to do, make a unique simplistic smartphone that had built-in Cloud memory up to 100GB, the “Robin”. The Robin turned out to be a rather successful phone for fresh start-up standards and the tech world, along with consumers were hopeful that Nextbit next release might play off some of Robins most successful attributes while markedly improving upon features and software that needed some extra work. But before the San Francisco based company had a chance to release the sequel to its flagship device, they were bought out.

When Next-bit was first acquired by Razer, it seemed that things were not going to be disrupted too much  as far as their ambitions and goals. Razer kept Next-bits staff of 30, and made it clear that they were “huge fans” of the Robin and it’s Cloud first like software. But CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan would not give any info concerning what their plans were for the company, only stating that “we’ll announce it when it’s ready”, referring to their plans to release another Nextbit smartphone. The tech world already had it pretty much figured out for themselves that the Robin smartphone would be no more. It had been discontinued on the website, with only promises to keep updating software and honoring warranty type issues for the next 6 months.

According to an article released by CNBC this morning, Min-Liang Tan pretty much had the same mentality at the  Innovfest Unbound conference in Singapore, which is a huge tech festival that was held on May 3rd and 4th.  He once again reiterated that “the mobile category is incredibly important to Razer…”It’s one of the biggest segments, in terms of gaming at this point of time, but like with all Razer products, we’ll announce it when it’s ready.” And when Sharkatech had a brief chat with a Nextbit consultant on Wednesday it was made evident that even the Nextbit company itself, at least those that aren’t in top command, have no idea what’s coming next and that Razer is “they’ve been keeping any future plans pretty (well)  under wraps.

Sharkatech is hopeful that Razer will keep it’s ‘promises’ and make good on continuing the mobile technology innovation that Nextbit started. It would be great to see a new smartphone device released sometime within the not too distant future. Some sort of announcement would be nice by end of 2017 at the very least. If too much time goes by, we will only be left to wonder what Razer’s ambitions were in the first place with this move.

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