Ono 3D Printer: The 3D Printer for the Masses-Affordable and Smartphone Powered

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Imagine having an app on your smartphone that allows you to choose a digital photo of a 3D object, you then put your phone in a box, and voila,  a couple hours later, you have that object right before your eyes. Enter: Ono, the world’s first portable 3D printer powered by the light of your cell phone, and it will be sold for $99.00, with resins costing around $15. Ono began its Kickstarter campaign on March 21, 2016 and very quickly reached their original $80,000 goal in 33 minutes. Now over a year later, they have received millions of dollars in pledges and have already began rolling out products to their 16,000 plus backers. There are a few videos on their Kickstarter page you should check out if you want to get a good sense of exactly how this thing works.

Basically the portable black boxy looking device uses the light from your smartphone to create a small 3D object from the resin solution. The resins come in a variety of assorted colors. Ono has an app for both Android and iOS that allows you to choose objects. They mention on their Kickstarter video that you can also create your own personalized 3D object from using 3D digital software.

From what we gathered from the various videos and information they provide, it is a fairly slow process. It can take a couple of hours to make an object. In other words, it prints very, very slow. This is some really truly awesome stuff, but begs the question, would consumers be willing to go that long without wanting to use their phone, or needing to use their phone? Also, we would hope there is a way to keep your phone plugged in and charging, otherwise certainly you would run the chance of the battery dying, considering the screen needs to be always on.

Ono showcased their product at the NY Luxury Tech show on March 23. Backers that were at the event were lucky enough to go home with the product that day. Ono shipped devices out to the rest of the backers. On their website, they announced they will officially start shipping products to the general public in April. Since it is now May, we are assuming that this has begun, although no official word from Ono.

This really cool product may not have the most functionality and practicality now, but let’s try and have an open mind and think about the doors it opens for future products. Imagine the possibilities after Ono has some years to refine their product and think of more ways it can be used to aid in making our everyday lives easier, or maybe just more fun.  Let’s not forget how the first computers, or first cell phones started, certainly nothing like the awesome machines they have turned into today. Sharkatech will be keeping an eye on Ono, so keep tuned in to us for their latest news.

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