Turing Phone Appassionato

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Turing Robotic Industry set to release newest device later this year: Appassionato


Turing Robotic Industries released it’s first smartphone back in 2015, called, simple enough, the Turing Phone. With it’s liquidmorphium metal body and unique shape and design, it was definitely a site to behold and somewhat of an exciting entry into the rather cookie cutter smartphone world. Turing phone’s number one priority is security and privacy. Security is their key selling point, and secondly would be the sturdy “non-bendable” material it is made out of. Other than that, the actual software and hardware of the device was mid-range at best and didn’t receive the greatest reviews. There was also an issue with them changing the OS at the last second before shipping the device. It was originally touted to carry Android 5.0, but was changed to Sailfish OS. At the very least, the device was very cool and stylish looking.


Quickly we will brief you on the “Cadenza”. This was announced after the launch of the Turing Phone. It was set to be released “sometime in 2017”. Fair enough, but the specs for the phone were very hard to believe, even by the hardiest of techies. It was going to apparently sport features that most likely we won’t see in smartphones for several more years, and possibly never. This included a 5.8 inch screen with a dual 830 Snapdragon process and 16 Kyro Cores, 60MP iMax 6k rear camera with a triplet lens, and a 20MP dual front camera. It was also going to have 1TB of internal storage straight out of the box. Well, since this announcement, the Appassionoto was announced, and so we are going to assume Turing came back down to reality and that we will never actually see the Cadenza. Although they received some bad flack for the Cadenza stunt, we here at Sharkatech like to keep an open mind and give the benefit of the doubt when possible. Hey maybe they were just having a little fun and seeing what kind of press they could get from the story. No harm there. There is definitely nothing wrong with dreaming, even if those dreams likely can’t come true in the foreseeable future.


Enter; the Turing Appassionato. Pretty awesome name, will the phone itself back that up… we shall see. If you go to Turing’s Facebook page, there is a very cool teaser you can watch about the phone. I really like the way they make their videos, there is no doubt they have talent in that, at the very least. The phone itself does look a lot different than the original Turing device. It is very sleek and smooth, and appears to be practically bezel-less, with an ultra smooth semi-curved transition from back to front. Just from first looks, we here at Sharkatech like the style. It’s slated to have a Snapdragon 820 processor and be made of the same liquid morphium as the first release. However the Appassionoto will have a sapphire glass screen (only other offering this we know of is the HTC U). It will also have a carbon coated top of some sort and a scracth-resistant ceramic like feel to it. There will be two variants, the lower cost PX8 will be $1099, and the higher cost a wallet busting $1599! We are hoping that by paying that much money, consumers will get more than just fancy materials and good security. General overall performance of the software and hardware will be a must and expected, with that kind of price tag.


Last thing, but very worth mentioning. This time around TRI is teaming up with TCL in Finland to produce, build, and help get this phone shipped on time. This is a key point because TCL is reputable and credible with a lot more history than the 2015 TRI start-up. TCL is responsible for such devices as Alcatel and Blackberry. This is good news, and will hopefully all but ensure that we will actually see the phone that is being advertised and that it will be released on  time.


Stay tuned to Sharkatech’s blog reel to keep up to date on Turing news and releases.

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